Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~Mother Teresa~

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Awaiting Summer !!!

Hi my blogging friends...
I've been away for a short while,
enjoying my time at the shop...
Business has been great considering I've been open only a little more then a week...  

It was a beautiful day on our lovely Island...
We had a cruise ship in, so I was busy meeting new people, and welcoming  them to our Island...
Our Island will be visited by 60 or so cruise ships this summer and into the fall...

Making these signs are fun, I like to see how old recycled wood can be restored...
Recycle, Restore, Renew...
That's what this picture is all about...
Not to mention it's all up for sale...
Keeping the price right to sell !!!

Praying often has gotten me through this whole process...
Without Him I can do nothing!!!

A little unique milk glass hat...

Love creating vignettes outdoors, especially when the weather is
fine, fine, fine...
And I must say that vintage scale is a fine piece as well...
Surprised it hasn't sold within the first week...
They are hard to come by...

What a great shade of blue, and the original  paint color too !!!
Can't get enough of chippy chippy paint ...

Another great find...
Getting creative by adding hooks...

VoilĂ  !!!
Blessings to you all...
Lori ~


  1. I'm so happy for you and this new adventure...congratulations and I wish for you all the best of everything. And yes, it's true that without Him we an do nothing. Take care.


  2. Love the pray often project--everything looks great!

  3. Lori, You have such charming items and displays in your shop. I continue to wish you well.
    Mary Alice

  4. LOVE your summer sign!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week

  5. I enjoyed everysingle moment and things in your store yesterday!!! you have created the most amazing Shabby Space is beautiful !!The pictures are great ...but visiting your store was breath taking !!!incredible !!!!Praying More of God"s blessings and you continue this journey ...Love and prayers Leonaxox

  6. Hi Lori,
    I like the Summer sign! Hope business is booming now that the cruise ships are coming in. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  7. Congratulations Lori! I am SO happy for you! I love how you've staged your beautiful store and all those delightful treasures within. How exciting! If ever I get up to PEI some day, I will surely stop by. Blessings to you,

  8. Hi Lori,
    I really love your new shop and I enjoyed meeting you too. I love the treasures that I got and look forward to stpping by again soon.
    I did a little post on your shop today.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  9. Such wonderful treasures and that sign, well it steals my heart. I'd love to have you join me at Seasonal Sundays.

    - the Tablescaper

  10. Ti ho vista nel blog di Carolyn!Che bel negozio che hai!Peccato che sono cosi' lontana per visitare,sono in Italia!Mi accontenterò di visitare il tuo blog,divento con piacere follower!Rosetta

  11. Congratulations on your opening. I love your summer sign and your shop looks so inviting. Wishing you much success. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

  12. Congrats on your jewelbox of a shop, Lori! Next time visiting your Island, I'll be sure to stop in and will pass the word along to anyone heading your way...Wishing you much success and enjoyment,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  13. Glad everything is going so well Lori ~ it all looks great!

  14. Hi Lori. I'm so glad Carolyn introduced your shop and you to us in her post today otherwise I would have missed your beautiful blog. I hope your sweet shop is a success. I really need to visit PEI to visit several bloggers including Carolyn's gardens and now your shop. I wish you every success. I'm following you now. I hope you will pop over and visit me. Blessings, Pamela

  15. You have some fabulous stuff. Love the cabinet door that says Pray Often. Hope your sales continue to blossom.

  16. What wonderful goodies you have made! I'm sure they are selling fast. I love the turquoise and white old cabinet door with the hooks.


  17. I would snatch that summer sign up! So wish I lived close because I would so hit you up. Thanks so much for swinging by Lake Cottage Dreams and your sweet comments.


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