Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~Mother Teresa~

Monday, 4 March 2013

Using Delicate Colors...

I'm going to try & keep this post all about the pics...
My imagination for writing tonight is just not there...
Enjoy your visit...

How can I convince by husband to allow me to rip up the carpet & install white pine boards on the floor...
Any suggestions...

I get it,
 Pray that he will have a change of heart right...

This beautiful
 Vintage "1920"
calendar was at the shop,
then 1 day she just had to come home with me
 She began the inspiration for my little room make-over...

all complements of
"Timeworn Treasures & Antiques"
Basically everything but the bed...

~A little story~

I took the last couple of days off to relax, shop, visit with some friends & just kick back...
Today while visiting the shop I just felt so overwhelmed & grateful for the Blessings I have in my life...
 Your awesome & you fit into the shop just perfectly...
And a huge, big , hug to all my fantastic/friends customers...
You are all the best...
Thanks Lori ~

Would I ever like to get that
white pine floor...
I hope you enjoyed your visit...
Blessings to you & all your love ones...
Lori ~


  1. doesn't take you long ....Love the changes you made ...xox

  2. Love your bedroom with the white, looks so clean and crisp.

  3. Lovely. I would stay there all day long. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Really love your room! The door looks great with the mirror on it. Everything looks so sweet. Tell your husband I think he should do the floors :) That would look awesome!

  5. A white pine floor would be wonderful... you know you could just start ripping the carpet out... then he'd have to do something right;-) Your room is lovely and looks so relaxing. I love all your little details.

  6. Looks lovely....and the floor would be great too! Hmmm....maybe show him some in real life....not just a pic? Check out the price of the flooring too and give him an estimate.....sometimes guys think this stuff will be really expensive. They have some REALLY nice faux flooring out there that would work too!

  7. Beautiful room! Let's see, white pine floors are economical because you can clean them better than carpeting so they last longer, they are more hygenic because you can mop them, they increase your resale value, they go with anything so as you change decor they can stay, ummm...I'll let you know if I think of any more hopefully convincing reasons! LOL! Good luck! Hugs, Leena

  8. Really love your room, very serene and comfy, welcoming. Love that little table under the window.
    Boy do I know how you feel. I'd like anything pretty much except for the horrible carpet in our living room and mstr. bdrm. I mean it's really butt ugly. I want to tear it out, just have the subfloor if nothing else. I'd be happy to have white painted boards on the floor. We do have an area rug over the carpet but it still shows too much for my liking. I have an area rug over carpet in l/r also that helps to hide it but it's an ugly hi/lo variegated brown. I trade area rugs for spring/summer/some of fall. It's a tropical sisal rug which I love as the dog hair doesn't stick to it nearly as badly. I'll keep my fingers crossed you can convince your hubs. The only way I'll be able to is if I tear the carpet out when he's gone somewhere. Then it's too late right? Good luck gal. Happy March

  9. What a beautiful the old door with the mirror on it!
    I want to rip our bedroom carpet up too!

  10. What a lovely room, so serene, looks like a great place to cozy up and read the Bible. Regarding hubby; you will get much further if you pray for a heart that's content with the floor. In Gods timing He will make a way for that floor to change and in the meantime you won't be feeling so anxious about how much you want the change. God will show hubby the desires of your heart and then he won't feel pressured but do it out of his desire to make you happy ;)

  11. Easy fix! Just do what I did, while he's at work start ripping the carpet up yourself. Do enough damage to it that it has to be ripped up completely! He loves you, he will forgive you! And if you think I'm joking, ask Oliver next time you see us how we got started on ripping up the floor in the living room! While he was at work I found his crow bar and I started ripping up the ugly lino tiles and the plywood underneath to unearth the old floorboards. When he came home there was a massive mess of tile and plywood. He really had no choice but to finish the job! He had been meaning to do the job for some time but kept procrastinating. I also did demo on a wall with a hammer when I was 9 months pregnant to get the ball rolling for a new hallway, again while he was at work! Luckily Oliver has a very forgiving nature :) And your room is beautiful! Much better than mine, imagine the ugliest wallpaper from the eighties....maybe I should start stripping it...while he's at work :)

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