Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~Mother Teresa~

Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Displaying Your Treasures"

 It always makes more of a statement when you group your collections together...You know what they say three of anything makes a collection...I love white so therefore I love milk glass...GOOD ADVICE!!! Let a collection inspire your color choice for an entire room...This is just a little post for you , pics that I already had saved...The armoire is probably my favourite piece , we keep our T.V in it for now ,  but my husband has informed me that he wants a bigger T.V  so therefore I will have an empty armoire...I do need somewhere to put my collection of vintage finds , linens & things!!!     

And one last picture for you , a little Christmas!!!  Blessings Lori


  1. So lovely! It will be fun to fill with linens. We bought a pine armoire for our family room and I agonized over whether to paint it white, blue or grey. I decided on the blue, but my family won't be surprised if they find it painted white one day. We use it to store mason jars and Tupperware in the bottom section shelves, and office supplies in the upper part.

  2. Loving all that white chippy goodness! Thanks for stopping by, love meeting up with fellow Canadians and I signed up to follow you:-) By the way I was not able to reply to your email, you have it set as "no-reply", maybe it's intentional but just mentioning it in case you're not aware!

  3. Thanks Tracey...Not able to use email on this laptop of mine...I can communicate via my blog...Thanks again Blessings Lori

  4. You had me with the Mother Theresa quote and your is beautiful!!!! I am your neighbor in Cape Breton.


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