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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Flee-Market Inspiration???Bathroom!!!

Wow I hit a" Gold Mine" on Sunday...$22.00 is what all these little treasures cost me ...So I thought what room could  benefit from these beautiful treasures...And I got my answer when I visited  "French Country Cottage "  Thanks  Courtney...Her bathroom redo got me very excited ,  and I thought why don't I do my own bathroom redo , it really needed one...I used all the items except the green dishes , and I have plans for those...Enjoy

"RELAX"  The dealer had no idea what I would do with that old piece of board ...But  I bet you do!!!

I'm very pleased at how our little bathroom turned out!!! What do you think???

Love Love the bead board in this space...We put it 3/4 up the wall , if we ever moved  I would most definitely do this again... 

This shelf by the way was already in this condition  , I did nothing to it...Bonus

Peaceful!!! May the love of our Lord fill you with peace this day...

When visiting your local grocery store , always look in their floral section for your fresh flower needs , I always luck out getting my flowers for 1/2 price... They always have a small 1/2 price section...Good Luck!!!                                      
 Blessings   Lori


  1. Wow Lori, you really got a great deal and your bathroom looks so beautiful!!
    Wonderful job!!~
    Have a great night.

  2. I love your bathroom redo. It is making me want to do mine. My bathroom is the one room in my house that I dont like at all. Thanks for giving me inspiration. Your shelf is so great. I love old shelves.
    Have a great night

  3. Very pretty! Your room is so soft looking with such lovely details. The shelf looks perfect there. I am in the middle of repainting an old shelf of ours. It is a typical 80's pine with heart cut out. I painted it white and just need to find a little piece to cover up the heart.

  4. very nice & it's a place i could snuggle in on a chair besides the 'throne!' :) Esther

  5. Lori

    What a beautiful makeover on your bathroom. Very pretty and romantic. I love how we can inspire each other!!!


  6. Lori - Gorgeous bathroom. I also love the beadboard 3/4 high. Your photos are beautiful, as always. Cute shelf!

  7. It is very pretty and I love the shelf, what a great find!

  8. I love the beadboard and am just about ready to do that in my laundry room- am stripping the vinyl backing from the floor first! Can I ask- did you use sheets of beadboard or did you use individual boards? Just curious...I have lots of outlets and stuff to cut out behind the washer and I was wondering if individual boards would be easier than sheets...

  9. I love your bathroom! I love the beadboard, and the chandelier, and that mirror is gorgeous! You have done a beautiful job decorating this space.

  10. It turned out sooo pretty!! I love it so much my friend! xoxo Rachel

  11. HI! I found you through "Thrifting on a Thursday". I love your little bathroom! It looks so sweet and relaxing and comfyh with the beadboard and all the vintage touches. Yes, Courtney's redo is gorgeous! I"m not following your blog - come by and see mine if you want - Take care, Hugs, Leena

  12. Thank-You , all so so much for all the lovely comments...They help keep me inspired...To answer a question we used sheets of bead-board for that space...Blessings Lori

  13. Hi Lori,
    I love your bathroom. That shelf was a great find.I was thinking of you yesterday as we were driving on the Blue Shank Road and remembering that I didn't give my phone number-it is 566-2198 if you want to call me.
    I am curious about the shop and wondered if it is the Roberts in Kensington.
    I missed a couple of your last posts but I enjoyed catching up today-you have done a great job and I love the armoire too.

    Thanks for your visit!

  14. Hi Lori,
    I've reached you through a comment you left at the french country cottage and I' now your newest follower.
    your bathroom is so feminine and romantic. I love your shelf, and your mirror, well, is just to die for. Pretty photos.

  15. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I love what you've done to your bathroom! Great job! I love a getting good bargains too!


  16. Hi Lori! Nice to connect with you! This looks like a blog I'm gonna love visiting! Just beautiful!! I'll definitely add you to my blog roll too!


  17. Lori,
    Your bathroom is so pretty! I love beadboard too and did you ever find some great treasures at a great price?!
    THANKS for visiting!

  18. Lori what a peaceful calm powder room to get ready for the day in. Love all the bead boarding on your walls and the accessorizing is perfect :)

    Thank you for letting me enter your room taking what inspired me back to my place :)

    Thank you Lisa for your beautiful visit and comment that encourages all that I love to create.

    See you soon, have a beautiful weekend full of inspiration.


  19. Great transformation Lori! I can't believe only $22 for that great loot. I'm crazy about your shelf & mirror, and how clever of you to 'Relax' that wood!

  20. WOW fabulous treasures at such a steal. Love your bathroom. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment, so wonderful to meet you!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  21. Very pretty, Lori! You did GOOD!
    I love the bead board & would like to do this in our tiny cottage as well!
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  22. Love love love your bathroom! I am on the hunt for little vintage mirror like the ones you show! I need some for above one of the guest room night stands. Thanx so much for stopping by earlier. Please be sure to come back by for Treasure Hunt Thursday at my place! You look like a gal after my own heart! Your newest like.

  23. Pure bliss! I love chandys in bathrooms. I always want to splurge on one but can never justify the cost with all my other bills lately. Maybe I'll find a beaute in the trash one day or at a flea. I love the calming color scheme you've got going on in there. andrea@townandprairie

  24. What a pretty little bathroom! You did a great job, with the wainscoting, chandy, shelf and everything!
    Love the sign you painted too! Clever! oh, I'm going to follow you!
    be blessed!

  25. beautiful home full of harmony =)


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