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Monday, 21 May 2012

Arranging & Displaying !!!

"Arranging & displaying your treasures"
What a great title for this post...
Because that's exactly what I have done here..
I rearranged & displayed my newest treasures...
Guess where they will be heading??? 

My flower box garbage find, some white paint & a little stencilling ...
I think it should sell... Do you???

Gotta get the mirror cut for the frame...
Wow it's very hard not to keep this mirror... 

My newly/not so new,  chairs painted ...
I love the look of old white painted chairs...

For those of you who may not have visited my last post, here is a huge update...
I'm opening a shop...
That's right a shop...

"Timeworn Treasures & Antiques"
Opening June 1st
Charlottetown   PEI 

Everything in this vignette will be for sale in my shop...
Except for the fresh "bleeding hearts" they will be withered away by then...

Lots of new blooms will be around for June 1st...
I'm so excited...
I can already smell & see the fresh lilacs...
Displayed here & there...
Oh the freshness...

Did I mention lately how much you fellow bloggers mean to me...
You all mean the world to me...

May God & His goodness Bless you all...
Lori ~


  1. Congrats on the shop! Love the bleeding heart with all your whites!

  2. Everything in your photos are so cute, the chairs, flower box and mirror ~ looks good, I think your shop will do well.


    KISSES, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you!!!!

    Pearl 13.1

  3. Lori ......i just screamed to Roger who is already in bed ....Holy Crap .....she posted another post and it is absolutely amazing ...just can't wait to come for a visit ...Are you still comming on wednesday? will talk tomorrow ....Blessings to you to girlfriend !!!!!!!!!i am so excited for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. No not coming...Way way to much to do....
    I'm happy you are so excited!!!
    Love you friend xoxo
    Blessings Lori ~

  5. I definitely think that Flowers box will go, Lori! I'm sure you will have to restock quite a bit looking at these pictures and having an idea of what you will have in your shop.

  6. Hi Lori,
    Looks like you will have lots of pretty treasures in your new shop-congratulations,you must be so excited!

    Take care,

  7. Wow Lori,
    It looks absolutely beautiful!!~
    Your table and mirror are fantastic!!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  8. Lovely vignettes....congrats on your new shop...too bad we are not closer,we are in Hamilton,On Best of luck!

  9. Everything looks great! I'm from a Toronto suburb, and plan on coming to PEI next year! We've never been to the maritimes, and PEI has always been top on my list, and as I LOVE antique shops, I'll have to come by and visit! Good Luck with the business! Thats my dream too!

  10. Wishing you the best of luck with your new shop. It takes courage in these times to start a business, good for you. It's people like yourself that help our economy freshen itself.

    Wish I could be there for your grand opening. Nothing I love better than an antique shop (except for MIchaels, Jo-anns and Hobby Lobby.) Antiquing isn't done much here, (Grand Junction, CO). No antique shows at all. When we lived in MT and KY there were alot to go to. I sure miss it but it does keep me out of trouble.

  11. Beautiful pictures--especially the closeup of the bleeding heart. Good luck with your store!

  12. I would have a hard time selling that mirror too!

  13. Thanks!!!
    You guys are the best...
    Blessings Lori ~

  14. So VERY pretty...blessing to you in your new adventure!! Laurel

  15. love all your STUFF! wish I was close enough to shop your new store.

  16. Lori, you are a girl after my own heart as far as finding things and creating things with them. I'm so happy to hear you are opening a shop! How fantastic. I hope you have great success. I always enjoy seeing what others do with the "trash" they find. Stop and see me at Quirky Vistas some time! I found you at feathered nest Friday!

  17. Lori, your flower box is perfect. I can't imagine that it won't fly out of your shop very quickly. So happy and excited for you as you start this new endeavor. I trust you'll have much success. Just wish I lived closer to come and shop!
    Mary Alice

  18. Gorgeous flower box:) Fabulous blog!!

  19. Congratulations on the shop.
    How exciting!


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