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Monday, 14 May 2012

My Free Find !!!

My free buffet ...
From a Kijiji ad...
Wow was this in bad shape...
Can I make it presentable???
For it's new home...
I think I can...
I think I can... 

I think I can...
I can ...

I love this new piece, it will not be with me for long though...
At least not in my home...
This is going to be my "desk for my new shop"
That's right  "new shop"


Opening :   June 1st, 2012
I can't believe...
Wow God is good...

Our Lady," The Blessed Mother" has had her hand upon me every step of the way...

I'm forever grateful to her...

And I'm forever grateful for the "Cross"...
And I'm forever grateful to you , that you came to seek & save the lost...

A little reflection in the mirror... 

I enjoy layering white shabby chic frames, they just add a little warmth to any space...

Serene ~
Simple ~
Soft ~

I will keep everyone posted with more details regarding,
My business...
Please keep me & all my future decisions in your "Prayers"
This is a huge step for me...
It all started with a "Passion & A Dream"...

Blessings Lori ~


  1. Wow, what a beautiful piece! I can't believe you got it for free! It will make a great desk for your shop and if that is any indication of the things you will be carrying, I'm sure it is going to be beautiful.

  2. There's 2 words that came to mind immediately after reading this post, Wow! and Congratulations!! Absolutely beautiful job and by the way...yes you can!

  3. Yes you did! Great find:) and great job making it beautiful. Prayers for your new business:)

  4. What a beautiful makeover. If I ever am blessed to go back to PEI I will definitely come to your shop!

  5. If I come to PEI this summer I will be sure to visit your shop, especially if the desk is an indication of what you will offer!

  6. Best wishes for you in your new venture. Guided by Our Lady, you can`t go wrong. Enjoying your beautiful blog from Toronto.

  7. Lori ...Lori ...Lori did it again ....turned something worn into something very chic ....Beautiful are guided for sure and will continue to be guided as you go ...this i and you know for sure ...can't wait to visit ...hopefull this week ...

  8. transformed that into one beautiful piece...and congrats on your wonderful!!!....Love P.E.I....a place that has been on my list to go and visit!...Good luck on your store!!!

  9. Fabulous! and I love the paint job. I love that the top is still wood as well - it looks so classy and beautiful.

    Great job! xox

  10. Lori,
    It looks so beautiful! It would be hard for me to part with....
    Blessings with your new shop! How exciting!

  11. Your buffet turned out beautifully, Lori. It looks so pretty in your home right now. Congrats on your new shop. That is so exciting!
    Mary Alice

  12. It looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your new shop! Good luck with all of your plans. Following you now!

  13. Best wishes on your new adventure. I can tell that you would certainly be the kind of shop that I would love. Your buffet turned out beautifully. Free...oh my who wonderful is that.

  14. Thanks for all your wishes...
    Blessings Lori~

  15. The buffet turned out gorgeous! Best of luck to you with the opening of the shop - so exciting!!

  16. Wow is all I can say!!!!! That came out awesome!!!


  17. Beautiful Lori, can't wait to visit your shop!! Congrats!

  18. Congratulations Lori! That is wonderful news! What a thrilling new venture for you. I wish you all the best. You're off to a great start with that free and beautifully transformed desk!

  19. Congratulations and love the buffet! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  20. Lori, this is gorgeous!!!!! You did a great job restoring it!

  21. Congrats to you on your upcoming new shop. This is be perfect in it.

  22. Hi Lori,
    I just love what you did with the buffet. It looks so pretty and will make a lovely desk in your new shop.

    Love your pretty blog and you are a doll.


  23. Hi Lori!! Congrats on opening a shop, it will be very fulfilling for you I least it is for me...have it be the way YOU imagine it to be, and stay the course...all best wishes for success!

  24. Congrats on the new shop. This piece turned out beautiful.

  25. I'm loving the way this came out, so pretty! I also am loving the way you layered those frames! Also best of luck on the new shop, congrats!

  26. Wow! Amazing transformation!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and deciding to follow.
    I have done the same, so glad I found your wonderful blog.

  27. WOW you are so lucky, that is exactly the kind of buffet I am wanting for a project in my home! It turned out so beautifully!!! Good luck with the new shop, how exciting!!


    :) T

    p.s. how wonderful that you have been to Medjugorje! My sister went there last year and my mom went when I was in high school...

    1. Thank-You so much, fr all your sweet comments!!!
      Blessings Lori ~


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